It used to be so easy to regurgitate in words the thoughts that flowed through my soul. But these days, the thought flow is more like a stream right before it plunges beneath the edge of a waterfall, rushing through without any sense of direction. For so long I have rehearsed the inner monologue of my being. But no combination of words could ever suffice, for the emotions that swam through my veins could not be turned into mere sentences. How could they capture the surge of fire that sets my heart ablaze at the memory of the night skies?… View Post

Sometimes tasks can be so daunting that we do anything to avoid them. Some of us even get through school leaving assessments until the night before to complete. Sure, we might get away with it. But why put yourself through the unnecessary stress of the possibility of failing to meet a deadline? Have a look below to see some ways you can kick procrastination’s butt and beat the stress that comes along with it. Tips for overcoming procrastination Take regular and timed breaks: I’m competitive. I won’t deny it. But I’m competitive, even with myself. So when I set myself… View Post

Cleaning is one of those strange activities that can be both enjoyable and a nuisance. But are we actually happier and less stressed when we clean, or is the task we are supposed to be doing somehow less enjoyable than vacuuming? And why should you use cleaning as a tool to relieve stress? I for one, despise cleaning when I would rather be doing anything else, and love it when I have something more daunting that I should be doing or feel that I am unable to do the said “daunting” task because I feel my surroundings are too messy. But… View Post

We are intrinsically different. We may share genes, interests, careers or cities; but when it comes down to it, we are all different. Acceptance of difference is drummed into our minds as children. As we grow older, it seems that we begin to forget. Mental illness is not immune to this. I have spent the last two years trying to understand my own anxiety. How it makes me feel, what triggers my attacks. I’d be lying if I said that I have figured it all out. I haven’t. Certain things are major triggers and I am aware of them. But… View Post