The nights are getting warmer and to me, there is nothing better than driving on the highway with the fresh breeze flooding in through your windows. For some reason, this puts me in a chilled and relaxed mood. And with that chilled and relaxed mood, comes the need for music to encapsulate the emotions rushing through my body. I find it so difficult to define music through genres. Sure, you have the big headings, but what of everything that falls in between? What of the soul crushing lyrics weaved in between bouncing beats? Or of the silky smooth vocals… View Post

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. Victor Hugo My June has been, ever so typically, a whirlwind. I’ve laughed, cried, fallen sick, visited doctors more times than I want to (and thus fallen victim to needles, medicine and invasive procedures – warn a girl before you ask her to do an ECG scan!), felt proud, felt ashamed and learned that my inner strength was more powerful than I knew. Basically, it’s been exhausting and challenging, but I’m still here! If you have read this post, you would know that music… View Post

“If you cant see i will be your glasses, if you feel cold just put on my jacket, If there is a picture that you cant complete, ill be what you need, ill be what you need. Just a little smile when its getting you down, you can find the light through the darkest clouds, you know i told  you i will never be far, so tell me where you are and ill be where you are…”             – Effie Records – Into Yellow Now before it gets too deep and we get to the point let us just say: We have… View Post

From a stage in your heart I can tell that you’re far from yourself When you barter your lust for your health And when you claim it’s all a play, And you just don’t care I only stare I’m a director watching you rehearse You say “Lend me your eyes to evolve From that actor I fight in the dark, where I’m two twins I can’t tell apart!” But you remember which is which when the wrong man wins You will hate who you are ’til you overthrow who you’ve been How’d you expect your soul To send a whole… View Post

If you are a TRUE Tay Tay fan, then this review wouldn’t even matter. I mean, don’t even think of it as a “review”, think of it as praise lol, because that is what our Tay Tay (yes, we call her Tay Tay because were total BFF’s- JOKES :P) I can already tell you our favourite song off the album and that’s “STYLE” , for anyone who doesn’t listen to Taylor Swift on the regular, this song will instantly make you a fan, WE PROMISE! The first single off the album “Shake It Off” deserves its No.1 hit status because… View Post