It used to be so easy to regurgitate in words the thoughts that flowed through my soul. But these days, the thought flow is more like a stream right before it plunges beneath the edge of a waterfall, rushing through without any sense of direction. For so long I have rehearsed the inner monologue of my being. But no combination of words could ever suffice, for the emotions that swam through my veins could not be turned into mere sentences. How could they capture the surge of fire that sets my heart ablaze at the memory of the night skies?… View Post

There comes a point in the night where everything is still. The wind isn’t howling, there is no rustling in the trees. And you start to gasp for the air that seems like it isn’t there. You begin to wonder. Does anyone else notice the stillness? If they are all asleep, is their subconscious painting their dreams with fear to wake them so that they may realise it? Or are you only imagining it? Are you the only one sensitive to the quiet of the night? It will always amaze me how stillness can equate to restlessness. How silence can… View Post

I could never understand your love affair with the night. Of the silent abyss that calls upon the lonely souls of the world, Compelling the release of suppressed emotions. I fear the night. I fear the inexplicable rattles in the walls and the creaks in the floorboards. I fear the reflections that threaten the possibility of an unwanted presence, And the incessant reminders of nights that seem to be from a life past. But there are times when I think it makes sense. When I gaze upon the glistening unknown, marvelling at the celestial beauty. When the street lights flicker… View Post

Comparisons haunt the hallways of my mind. They linger constantly, trading whispers with my memories. But time doesn’t make them weak. It exacerbates their every atom, making them grow stronger with any sense of urgency that rushes through my bones. I wish that I understood the grasp you have over me. Maybe then I could figure out how to pull your hands away from my neck. Maybe then I could find a way to stop the force of pressure you place upon my chest. But trying to understand is all I do. I lay here beneath this frigid blanket trying… View Post

There’s gotta be more to life… Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me – Stacie Orrico Its 5 am. The night is cold and dark, and no matter what i do i cannot seem to fall asleep. something doesn’t feel right and I’m weighed down by this eruption of sadness that has hit my chest. I don’t get it, i was doing so well,i was keeping myself busy so that i barely had time to think about anything other than the task at hand. If I’m not working I’m at home doing my chores and if I’m not… View Post