The nights are getting warmer and to me, there is nothing better than driving on the highway with the fresh breeze flooding in through your windows. For some reason, this puts me in a chilled and relaxed mood. And with that chilled and relaxed mood, comes the need for music to encapsulate the emotions rushing through my body.

I find it so difficult to define music through genres. Sure, you have the big headings, but what of everything that falls in between? What of the soul crushing lyrics weaved in between bouncing beats? Or of the silky smooth vocals that tell stories of anger and frustration? Where do they fit in with the somewhat archaic notions of genre?

Lately, I’ve been enjoying what some might deem to be “alternative rnb”.Β It’s a little bit soul, and a little bit sensual, but with a bit of an edge. I’m not sure if that fits what the following playlist features, but have a listen and let me know.



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  1. December 2, 2015 / 10:26 pm

    YOU’RE BAAACK!! Yaaaay! πŸ™‚ absolutely loooove the second paragraph πŸ™‚ hope you’ve been well, Rana. Thinking of you <3

    • Sedef and Rana
      December 2, 2015 / 11:01 pm

      Yaaaay! It’s taken a while but I am finding myself getting back into it all slowly. Quite difficult getting out of a lack of motivation rut, I must admit! I’ve been well. Hope you have too xx

  2. Anna
    December 2, 2015 / 11:14 pm

    Woohoo πŸ™‚ so excited for you, Rana. Take your time, all good things in life do πŸ™‚
    I’ve been very well. Was invited to the Fearless Women’s Business event today and am so inspired by all the women I met and talks I listened to. I would highly recommend to go to it next year! Such a feel-good event πŸ™‚

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