Behind the Name…

“The Picasso Playbook” 

One night we were sitting together with our hot tea and laptops trying to figure out what to call our blog. We had decided that we were going to do this and that it would be a healthy outlet for the both of us to share the things we love. We kept thinking of names that derived from the fact there are “two” of us and that we are the same but very different. “A tale of two..”, “As two like it (as you like it – Shakespeare)”, “for the life of two” (oh for the love of…!!), “more TWO life”, “not two ordinary”… A lot of names seemed to be taken, it just didn’t feel right. So, we ended up parting ways for the night without a name.

Once Rana had left my place, I started thinking along broader lines and came up with things like “Glass half-full” or “Counting Stars”… and then out of nowhere..”The Picasso Playbook” came to mind and the concept behind it was simply there. It was all, “ready and waiting to go”, so to speak.

Picasso was born in the 1800’s and he is a stand out in terms of making Art popular in the 20th century. His name is now a house hold name and is associated with Art as a whole. In my opinion, the last period in time where art was “all the rave” in the everyday life of society would have to be either the ’60s and ’70s, or straight back to the Renaissance period.

Although the name sounded cool to me, we honestly felt like “The Picasso Playbook” could indeed represent something special. Picasso went through struggles in life, as artists do, but just like we all do…during his time of struggle he created paintings using only shades of Blue and at times Green. News of the death of one of his good friends also fuelled his creative vision in terms of his “blue period.” He used his pain and unhappiness to simply create what would go on o be some of his most famous works, again as artists do. Why can’t we all be artists and make our lives a work of art? Fuelled by everything that ideally is supposed to destroy us or break us down.

Most people when starting a blog don’t really know what they want to write about but they want to start a blog all the same, however we know exactly what we want to write about.

And so we agreed on the name and the rest is history!