The art of living does not consist in preserving and clinging to a particular mode of happiness, but in allowing happiness to change its form without being disappointed by the change; happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up.

– Charles L. Morgan

Every now and then we lose our light. Lets face it life isn’t always Roses and Rainbows. People die, Friends betray you, Lovers leave you, Uni/School work beats you down…BUT, despite all of that, you live to see another day. But where does all that experience and emotion go?? You know, that selection of pain that you carry around in your chest? (Both good and bad)…After 5 years of built up experiences I believe I will use those colours and paint them here. With you. Its time to pour my heart into something POSITIVE that can grow. Something that’s real, not just a fantasy in a picture that’s pretty to look at, but maybe something that you; on the other side of this screen…reading at this very moment- can retrace and discover for yourself, for REAL. Kind of Like Picasso 😛 , and every other Artist in history who chose to tell stories and turn negative things into positive works of art.

My First name means “first drop of life” and my middle name means “mother of pearl” you know those colours that shimmer inside the lid of an Oyster or Seashell? lol. İ love to dance, its when I feel the most freedom in life. I love, Love 😛 ,  Books, Art, Philosophy, Fashion, Beauty but mostly Music!! I take interest in pretty much everything on the life spectrum. I love anything creative..I don’t define myself by occupation or by background. Although everything plays a part, I simply am who I am.

I spent 5 Years studying a degree in Ancient History: Majoring in Egypt and the Near East, but I dabbled in a little bit of everything.. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, Greek Philosophers, Roman Empires, Artists of the Renaissance (My favorite <3) Music, Literature, Modern History, Politics … you name it! İ chose to stay on the path I mapped out for myself, I didn’t deviate from my 8th grade plan, ha ha yes, I said 8th grade. İ survived High school, I was accepted into my dream University in Sydney, had a massive car accident, I almost dropped out of school but I still managed to graduate. Then I left… I travelled the world. I saw every place I read about in my books and it was amazing. It made me realise that coming back home was like coming down from the clouds and back to reality but that there is indeed a place for us all somewhere out there.

I want to work for Museums all over the world. The British Museum being my ULTIMATE dream job. İ tend to admire the lives of the past with a high hope for my own future. Anyone can tell you to be positive, “oh don’t worry about it”, “don’t stress too much”, “who cares what people think”… yeah easy for YOU to say! PFTTTT lol. If only there was a manual.. a Playbook… but there isn’t. I’m hoping that I can create my own personalized manual here, one that includes everything that makes my heart lighter and gets me excited about living…and hopefully you’ll care to join Rana and I 🙂 We might have some things in common so we can totally be BBFs!! 😛 no seriously <3

If there is one thing I know in life it’s that if happiness doesn’t last then neither does sadness…and even when you’re not chasing after it , the light will always come back to you.  The trick is to never stop chasing <3